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branding for the one-stop shop architecture firm


logo design

branding direction





4 weeks





Designblendz is a multidisciplinary design and architecture firm that offers a range of services including architecture, interior design, virtual staging, and 3D modeling.


This logo and branding project was my one of my largest contributions to the company, where I spent a large amount time working closely with the founder and a different departments of the company to understand and build the vision.


Old Logo

New Logo


To update the company’s previous logo. A new visual identity was desired to attract top talents and clients, establish a professional presence in the AEC industry, and give the public a clearer idea of what the company does.


As the real estate market and economy continue to be hot topics, the growth of Designblendz highlights the increasing importance of having a reliable expert in architecture, construction management, and other related fields to assist individuals in creating successful projects and achieving their goals.

i was the sole graphic designer of the company

I joined Designblendz during a period of growth and development, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside an awesome team. I've grown a lot from my experiences there. Among some of my achievements were:

  • Participated in a diverse range of projects - I worked on many different types of design projects, including exhibit and environmental design, marketing, UX/UI, web design, publications, and apparel design. This exposure allowed me to develop a broad range of design skills and learn about many different industries and design practices.

  • Extensive multi-tasking - I took on a wide variety of design requests from different departments, as well as the CEO. This meant I had to learn how to prioritize and manage my time effectively to meet deadlines and produce high-quality work.

  • Presenting to investors - Working closely with my team mates and CEO at Designblendz, I had the opportunity to learn from their presentations and develop my own skills in presenting design ideas and business plans to clients and investors. Watching the company grow as a result of these successful pitches was incredibly inspiring.



After the initial kickoff meeting with the CEO and department directors, I started a discovery session where I drew out the company’s core values and words that best described it. Establishing a set of words and values that best described the brand made it easier to create and explain the final logo results.

"which stylescape most fits your ideal vision of the company?"

Following the discovery phase and gathering the ingredients for the new branding design, I created 3 stylescape options for the client to choose from. Each one represented a different visual direction.

Visual DIrection #1


Visual DIrection #2


Visual DIrection #3

Design Process


The client liked the 3rd stylescape the most. So I began sketching logo ideas based on that.

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 7.24.57 PM.png

logo options

Next, logo options were created. I presented three logos that were closely related to each other. My goal was to “improve” the logo, rather than producing an entirely different look.


While presenting, I made sure to review the project’s process with the CEO and directors so that we were all on the same page. I found that reminding the client of the vision they described to me earlier made them more confident while seeing the logo results. Engaging them in targeted follow-up questions allowed for future revision requests to go smoothly.

Screen Shot 2023-03-31 at 7.33.57 PM.png
Final Logo

final logo

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