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i'm vivian peng,

A designer with a passion for data-driven design, systems thinking, and aesthetics & visuals. I have worked with a diverse range of clients, including small businesses, content creators, and designer positions at an architecture firm, a mobile game start-up. and the largest esports organization as a product designer. I have approximately 8 years of professional design experience.


With experience in UX/UI, product design, graphic design, communication design, and marketing, I bring a holistic approach to every project.

my career story

Ever since I discovered Photoshop at the age of 13, I had an interest in designing in digital spaces, leading me to pursue an education in Graphic Design and Marketing. During my first full-time job, I discovered UX and Product Design and realized that these fields aligned more with my interests, prompting me to return to graduate school for UX.


Along with my extensive professional experience in graphic design, I have developed a keen eye for detail in visuals and a research-driven approach to design. Through my work experiences and grad studies, I discovered many applications that I enjoy, such as Figma and even Procreate for my digital art hobby. Ultimately, my diverse background has helped me develop a good sense of consumer behavior in many markets.

Recently, I obtained my Master's in Information Experience Design from Pratt Institute in NYC.

beyond work

Outside of work, I enjoy illustrating and love to travel.

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